\ NatureDevil reunion performing at Exit Lounge 4/6/11



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NatureDevil performing at Exit Lounge 4/6/11

Easter was still far off on the horizon, but the bunny ears came out for the show
You can't trust them alone for more then five minutes... damn dirty rabbits...
Mr. Flabby Hoffman running his cavalcade of music and comedy at the Exit Lounge
NatureDevil takes the stage for a strong thirty minute set
Watching Jay doing his thing is always a treat
Geoff adopted a stuffed puppy to keep his bass drum from trolling off
It's great to have Andy fill in on bass when he can
The girls made sure Andy got his fair share of bunny-ear usage
Geoff holds no punches when behind the drumset
Jeni got some really good shots of us that night, including this one
Of course, sometimes, Jeni gets pretty terrible shots, like this one of me. Ugh...
You've never seen a bunny this aggressive
Rehearsal? Bah!! That is for wimps...
The dancing is always adlibbed on the spot... someday I'll hire that choreographer...
The best way to view NatureDevil - through a blur
Makes you wonder what he does when he isn't playing bass
If I only had the time to properly work out those tedious little harmonies with Andy
The crowd reaction was great, and we got a ton of positive feedback from people
Jay always looks a bit ridiculous at shows, but this is priceless
I held my own and managed to not make too much of an idiot out of myself
Andy and Jay had bunny ears, but I get left out...
Looks like I was running late to the next verse
I wouldn't mind playing the rest of the year with only Exit Lounge gigs
He looks much more impressive from this angle
Awesome shot!
Flabby Hoffman is one of the most entertaining guys I have ever met, and his dedication to what he does is unmatched by anyone else in Chicago
I hope to film a video in this place sometime
Can't wait to play Exit Lounge again
Bunnies bring their families to our shows
...and I wonder why my solos always suck...