\ NatureDevil reunion performing at Nite Cap Lounge 7/16/10



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NatureDevil reunion show at Nite Cap Lounge 7/16/10

Rehearsing the night before, here is the first shot of Arno with NatureDevil in a loooong time
As is tradition with NatureDevil, Arno and Jay are handling some technical issue while Brandon ignores them
This is Brandon's girlfriend, Stephanie, who acted as our rehearsal mascot for the night
Jay was nice enough to open up our reunion show with a set of his own
No matter what music I am playing, I always seem to be on stage with Jay... I am going to miss it...
Mike is an awesome drummer to play with, and I am glad he made it out to this show
What??! Girls dancing for Jay!?!?! Don't let his jealous wife find out!!
Yep - Jay even took it electric and played my Ibinez for the last few songs
Mike and I love to play with Jay when he goes electric
And here we have NatureDevil!! One of the original, and most talented, lineups!!
I really wish Arno and I could work on music together. With Jay, the three of us are unstoppable
All of us together - it took a lot of work to pull this gig off
I look best when I am a blur
Brandon looking awesome
Arno long ago sold his bass, so he had to use this one
I asked him to take his shirt off, but he wouldn't do it
If only all gigs could be this sweet
For not having played together in almost three years, we sounded tight
Being on stage is natural for guys like us
It was amazing what details Brandon remembered from our old sets
Although Arno's skill is now in the studio, there is no reason he should be on a stage more often
Total ass kicking, as usual
If only we could do this on a regular basis again...
...I'd be a much happier musician today