\ NatureDevil performing at Exit Lounge 12/1/10



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NatureDevil performing at Exit Lounge 12/1/10

Yet again, NatureDevil plays a Flabby Hoffman television taping, which includes awesome talent such as this dancer
This is also the debut of Claire playing bass
This gig, while not as magnanimous as our last Exit Lounge show, was still very fun indeed
Claire has never played bass before onstage, and she pulled it off quite well for us
If the band sucks, they will always cheer when a girl in a short skirt is onstage
I can't wait to play more shows with Geoff next year
As I write this, my Ibinez is in the shop getting it's 6 month checkup
If only we could do this every week like in the past...
Jay belongs on a stage more often, too
This is a great shot, and it showcases my awesome Boss tuning pedal!!
There goes Jay, moving in for the kill...
Play the fuck out of that acoustic, Jay!!!
...and I wonder why all my solos sound like shit
This used to be Andy's amp, but I own it now, so I can stand on it all I want
What a great show - I want to play Exit Lounge again a lot next year