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NatureDevil performing live with Jason Kluss and John Michaels at the Nite Cap Lounge 4/9/10

For the first time in almost 3 years, John Michaels, Jason Kluss and NatureDevil all played a show together
Nite Cap Lounge is one of the best places to play at in the city hands down
Barbara Holleck, a great musician and performer in her own right, is now part of the John Michaels project
Isn't she adorable? She wore the pink for me
Any gig with half a dozen beautiful women dancing in front of the stage is a victory
While waiting for his chance to hit the stage, Andy spent some time with the beautiful Veronica
Eventually, NatureDevil hit the stage
Frankie does such an excellent job with the sound that I felt great singing all night long
I think it's safe to say that personally and emotionally, Jay, Andy, Mike and myself really needed to do this gig
Not many drummers can both look and sound as good as Mike Sabia does on stage
I must thank Scott Davidson for always helping me book awesome shows
I don't get it; for some reason Andy always seems to luck out with awesome looking shots like these at all the shows
A lot of friends and family came out to the gig, and the females get the groove going
We played a few more covers than usual, indulging ourselves in our favorite songs
As usual, we had some girls join us on stage for the Nirvana cover sing-a-long that we do oh so well
This photo rocks!
Breaking it down for some of the Jason Kluss music, Mike pulls no punches with the brushes
It would be great to get back to playing gigs like this full time again
With girls as hot as this, why do we need to see more shots of the bands?
I got mauled by some hot girls after the show; where were they when I needed them in high school??
An awesome end to an awesome night