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NatureDevil performing live with Jason Kluss at the Nite Cap Lounge 1/8/10

Andy opened up the show, performing 'Down,' a new song of his
It had been a long time since Andy fronted anything on stage himself, and he handled it like a pro
Getting back onstage for the first time in almost a full year takes guts, ambition, and lack of shame
Frank was the soundman, and he truly made us shine
Where did Jay get that damn hat from?
No other drummer can pull of the feats that Mike Sabia does on stage, much less with his grace
While we may be out of practice musically, we do have lasting stage presence
Yes, that is Douglas Fairbanks Sr. on my shirt; I wanted to help promote the Chicago Silent Film Society
Almost any stage anywhere can become a musical playground, with the right attitude
As Mike once said to me, 'Andy is a great bassist to play to, and very underrated'
The Ibinez pulls through for me again, outshining me at every chord
I have done many soming years....
Mike is always so relaxed and yet always firmly in control of of the beat
Eventually, Jay woudl take over the stage and doo a full set of his own music with me on the bass
I feel a bit more at home playing bass with Jay
Jay and Mike did a 50 Cent cover that Mike had been itching to do for a while
After Jay was done, NatureDevil finished the night off
Frank had fun with the lights, and there was much dancing from the crowd
What an awesome night for a show... too bad it was 10 below windchill outside
When it is freezing outside, you come to see NatureDevil to warm up
NatureDevil shows always end with flair
I didn't roll around on the floor or make a mess, just kept it simple
The show reaffirmed my ambitions of wanting to play full time again, but what a load of work it took...