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NatureDevil performing live with Her Savage Grace and Right Rongly at Penny Road Pub 1/23/09

Ladies and gentlemen, Scottish McMillan and his band, Right Rongly
Right Rongly is an intense two piece that can easily hold their own on a stage
I really hope to play more shows with them in the future
I really don't know why they call him Muppet....
...but Muppet fronts this new band, Her Savage Grace, which hosted the show and invoted us to play, literally pulling NatureDevil out of my sloth-induced retirement... thank you....
I have done many shows with Muppet in the past, but never with Her Savage Grace; hopefully that will change with the coming years....
Eventually NatureDevil caterwalled our way to the stage
Jay wanted to look good, it had been a while since NatureDevil performed live like this
I had been more nervous than usual before a show... I mean, I am usually not nervous at all, but this was scary!!
Andy Lencioni on the bass; even in stressful times, and with raising his 5 month old son, he still managed to pull off rehearsals
All of us were a bit on edge for this show
Mike Sabia, who pulled no punches on that Friday night time slot for NatureDevil
The last show NatureDevil did was just over a year ago
And if I don't do anymore shows this year, at least I feel good that I did this one
With the last minute preprations and nervousness copmbined, it was still a pretty darn good performance to be proud of
I was able to debut some new words and vocal patterns I reworked in the studio in the last year
Oh, this must be during the Nirvana set when her Savage Grace came up and rocked the heck out of the stage with us... look at that hair!!! Rock n roll!!!!
Jay came through not only for NatureDevil, but for a slew of his songs as well
At least Andy is having fun!
My favourite shot from the whole night
This photo is pretty awesome too
I was playing bass for some of Jay's songs and got really thristy, luckily it was easy enough playing with one hand while I rehydrated myself
Mike did an impressive job, both with the NatureDevil and Jason Kluss sets
Strangely enough, I wasn't the only bass player wearing a fedora that evening
Jay, myself and Andy having a great time at Penny Road Pub
Jay's voice was spot on throughout the night
I look like some kind of thug bassist
...and I wonder why all my solos sound like trash...
What an awesome night to rock out
Every crowd has the one distraction that makes you forget what you were doing or what chords you were playing...
Steve, Fred and John; only Fred was brave enough to get up on stage during the Nirvana set
Oh yeah, would you just look at that? I mean really, just take some time to stare and enjoy the view from the stage... and don't forget the lyrics while you're at it...
Andy, making sure Fred wasn't copping a feel off of his wife Dorothy... or maybe Andy was the one copping the feel off of Fred....
Bright blue Jay singing the blues
It is bound to happen at some point
The Muse, who takes all the pictures, has been experimenting with the new camera, and it looks incredible
And thus, we wrap up another performance, starting out 2009 with a bang
Man, I wish I could do this every week like we did a few years back
Ah well, you enjoy it while you got it...