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NatureDevil performing acoustic with Jason Kluss at Memories 12/20/08

A whole year without shows, and I have to end it off at memories with this...
Santa knows when you've been bad...
Jay was backing me up, and we closed out the night with mostly Jay songs
Andy came, saw, and conqured on bass for us
This was a night for us to experiment with new songs that we have never performed before
Even on an acoustic night, we look pretty badass
Because it was a small acoustic setup, Jay and Andy had to share a mic
It really is a pity to see how 2009 ended with an acoustic show
But what are you gonna do??
Jay in deep concentration
Billy Idol or Billy Joel, we did it all
Andy loves any opportunity to break out his bass
The drunks at Memories love us
Yes, I brought the Christmas lights from my basement
The beauty of Memories is never having to worry if you stink that night
We learn what songs work and what songs don't from nights like this
Andy and Dorothy looking purty
Yes, that is Link from The Legend of Zelda on my shirt
Federico from Argentina making his debut at a NatureDevil show
Look at those legs!
We had Santa hats... balls forward...
Even acoustic I sweat
Chilling out during the break
Jay's goofy uncle
A face only a mother could love
Hey, cut that out!! None of that lovey dovey stuff at a NatureDevil show!!
That's it, no more Santa hats
The end of a long night at Memories
I wish I could explain this
Jay, you did awesome
Andy, you rocked
Brian, go home