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NatureDevil performing on Chicago Acoustic Underground on 4/26/08

NatureDevil makes a debut live on the Chicago Acoutic Underground!
NatureDevil playing acoustic, man was I nervous about doing this one...
Of course Jay was there, but I was also assisted by the bass playing talents of Andy Lencioni
Mike Sabia, drummer for both Jason Kluss and John Michaels, did an awesome job as well filling in at the last possible second for me
This is Mr. Michael Teach, the man who hosts this amazing show, which is truly a blessing to any musician anywhere lucky enough to cross the Chicago Acoustic Underground's path
If you notice, Andy is playing, for the first time ever, an acoustic bass
The Muse was on hand with camera to get everything on visual record for us
He was right in the sunlight, so the Muse was able to get a lot of much needed picture of Mike
Between playing smoky bars at night and rehearsing in basements, it was a real treat to play in the beautiful natural sunlight
This was the first performance I have done as NatureDevil since the Dizzy Reed show back in January - man I miss havign a full time band
Yeah, I brought the chocolate bunny with
John Michaels came with to show support and add to the fun as a co-host of sorts
Weird.... me playing acoustic and with headphones on...
Andy is so happy behind the bass, it's too bad...
Great shots of Mike all around today
Here I am playing 'I Think I Was Born Depressed' which is a song that has never been playing like this before
Chicago Acoustic Underground!! This hung above Michaels desk and portrays photos of CAU musicians
Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Mike 'the blurr' Sabia
That sunlight was so rejuvinating
Michael taking a picture of the Muse, who was taking a picture of Michael
I would love to do this again sometime
It is hard to imagine Mike making so much sound with so little of a drum kit
Screaming is more fun when there is no distortion pedal
Jay's leads were tight as always
Andy and Jay work really well together
I was surprised and happy with how well we sounded
Yes, even here, playing acoustic inside a studio with an audience of three, I still ended up on the floor