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NatureDevil performing at legends with Happenin' Harry and Dizzy Reed from Guns n' Roses 1/11/08

Puddinhead, cover band who surprised me with their level of intensity at the show
Bunk Shibbah, the darkhorse of the show, you should have seen the guitarist - holy cats....
Foundre, the metal band that I wish I was
We were the last of the local bands to hit the stage, right before the stars came out to play
With such a short set, we had to make an impact from the start, and we delivered
Mike Sabia, one of the most technical drummers I have ever played with, filled in for the night
Jay had a nice Carvin electric guitar to play as well.... thanks Andy
Andy Lencioni, excellent bass player. My only complaint about him is he can't be full time...
The Muse was getting photos from behind the stage where we partied all night to Dizzy and Harry later on
Although I have played that guitar on stage before, this would mark the first time Jay ever played electric with us onstage
This was the first show we played since our Q101 performance back in October
Man, I miss rolling around on the floor onstage with a guitar!!!
We need to do these shows more often again, I need a permanent bassist and drummer people!!!!
This is what I call 'stage performance'
Legends is always a kick ass venue to play at, and so close to home too
I lost a shoe half way through the set
Jay's leads sounded incredible on the electric
We entertained a lot of fans and made some new friends
It'll be great when we have a CD to sell and give away, most likely at our next show
I want to thank Joe for taking care of our sound throughout the night, he did an excellent job
Mike was an excellent fill in for the night, but I need a full time drummer!!!! Help!!!!
I wish people wouldn't spill their beer and spit on stage, it makes the floors really disgusting
Overall, this was one of the best, funnest and most rewarding shows I've ever played
Jay playing that Carvin guitar; it matches his eyes
Happenin' Harry took the stage as soon as we were done
Dizzy Reed, keyboard player from Guns n' Roses and cover band leader extraordinaire