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NatureDevil performing live on Q101 The Morning Fix WKQX 101.1 FM Chicago 10/5/07

Oh hell yes, the Q101 Lava Lamp Love Lounge was ours!
One of the most vicious drummers I have ever played with, Adam 'the bomb' Veronica, sponsored by C and C Drumming
Andrew Lencioni, ruthlessly and unaplogeticly neglecting his responsibilities to come play bass on Q101 with me
Alan Cox, host of Q101's Morning Fix, called me to bring us in for the 'you break it, you buy it' local band showcase they do on Fridays
I tirelessly worked my butt off to pull it off...
...and pull it off we did, with style, grace, and vicious butt-kicking
It has been almost 4 four months since NatureDevil played out; what a way to make a comback
Me and my army on Q101 with a million plus listeners
Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Jason Kluss making his Q101 debut
We opened up with 'Spam I Am' followed with some interview
Yeah, we did an interview... Andy talked about blueberry farming
So many great bands have played out of this same room
Andy did an incredible job on bass and backup vocals
Adam flawlessly pounded away at that kit, giving us one of the best live performances I have given in years
Major props to John, the Q101 studio sound engineer, who did a great job mixing us, including Jay's acoustic solos
I was incredibly pleased with my singing
This performance reminded me of just how well a band can sound when you have a positive attitude, something NatureDevil has lacked in recent years
I will definitly have Adam on the second NatureDevil record
Adam can't wait till his drum sponsorship sees this profile
You can never get enough of the back of Jay's head
A Q101 stool guarded the door
We also got to hang out with some of the guys from the Loop right next door, WLUP 97.1 FM
I love it when hard work and determination pays off
Everyone did an excellent job that morning; props to the band