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NatureDevil performing at Memories 6/15/07

Is that... is that ... THE John Michaels..?!?!?!
John Michaels and the Invisible Dogs opened up Memories on this incredibly hot summer night
Mike Sabia, the only other man to get at sweaty as me that night
On a fairly small stage we still managed to rock pretty hard
When the full moon turns blood red, John suddenly gets an urge to eat medium rare steak
The acoustics at Memories are pretty decent and work well with John and the Dogs
The men all gasped and the women screamed, Jason Kluss was ready to do his set
Sexy only gets sexier in different lighting
Mike, doing double duty, still managed to keep up the intensity throughout the night
I put down my bass and picked up a guitar, it was time for NatureDevil
Rich couldn't believe it
Hey, it's Jim looking down!
NatureDevil loves playing Memories, even when it's 86 degrees at night
Who is that mysterious man on the acoustic? Oh, it's Jay
I never know just what the hell is going on behind me at our shows...
Jim should love this picture... this is going up on his MySpace tonight...
NatureDevil making a mess
Rich is working on his blue drumset for percussionist mastery
This had to have been the hottest room we had played in the summer ever so far
Jason Kluss, the life taker and heartbreaker
Jim is very serious at this moment
I wanted to fall asleep that night from the 3 hours straight I played
...and I wonder why all my solos sound like trash...
Bass throw!!! Bass throw!!!
Instigator kicked all forms of butt closing out the show
...well that just screams passion right there...
Mr. Deep and his brother stopped by the show!!!