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NatureDevil performing at the Double Door 6/8/07

Holy shit, its NatureDevil at the Double Door again!
We dressed in our nice suits and ties for the event
We also debuted a new song that night
It is always an honor to play at this place
Soloing at the Double Door as only Jay knows how
Jim and I are sexy when we're blurry
Rich and those green drums again
Jim was very impressive that night
My Ibinez in all its glory
Major props to the soundmen Jessie and Eric who did a great job on sound
Wait till you see Jim's bass throw!
The Double Door accomodates many people
Someday we'll get to the Metro, preferrably on our own accord
...and I wonder why all my solos sound like trash...
One of the better shows we put on
Magic on the tubs
Bass throw!!!! Bass throw!!!!
Bass throw in the crowd!!!! The cheers came a screaming!!!