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NatureDevil performing at Fantasy Lounge 5/18/07

The show opened with King Moxy
Last we played with them was at Triton College
They put on an awesome, solid set
NatureDevil makes our debut at the Fantasy Lounge
And the show went pretty good
Jim knows the songs so well he can play with his eyes closed
It's funny to think that Jay will be married in less than 24 hours of when this photo was taken
Jim isn't getting married anytime soon
Rich nor I have any plans of marriage either
How did Jay mess up parmesian cheese?
We are attention hogs
Rich showing us his soft side
I really like having Jim on stage
Man, am I ugly
Usually I shave before a show, but.. oh well...
Why the heck does Rich have a drumstick in his mouth?
Behind the scenes....
This is what three Red Bulls will do to you
Holy cow, we had bubbles at the show!!!!
Rich pondering the chemical structure of the bubbles
I liked the bubbles, they will return at future shows
We master the art of sychronized guitar playing
I am sick of looking at that Fantasy Lounge logo in every damn photo... I should just have the Muse edit them out...
I make up my bad guitar playing with aerobic antics of derilection
...and I wonder why all my solos sound like trash
Jay skankin' for the crowd
Look at Jay do his thing, ladies and gentlemen
Uraemia closed out the night by thrashing everyone with a good ol' fashioned metal show
I love closing out our shows with metal bands
Leggy bass player chicks are cool