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NatureDevil performing at Wise Fools Pub 4/23/07

Of all the nights for us to play without a drummer
But that wasn't gonna stop Jay
Well, it wasn't gonna stop any of us
Especially this crazy individual
So we went up and did our thing as only we know how
This would be Jim's second show with NatureDevil
Acoustic NatureDevil is a weird thing
It has a unique quality to it
Not sure what I want to do with it
Jay makes his debut as well at Wise Fools Pub
Singing Spam I Am on the north side is always fun
...and I wonder why all my solos sound like trash
I figured jumping around all over the place would look stupid at an acoustic show... I did it anyways...
Thus ends the debut of NatureDevil at Wise Fools Pub
These guys were called the Weber Brothers
They kicked ass; I am soooo glad we played before them and not after!