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NatureDevil w/ John Michaels performing at The Note 4/21/07

John Michaels and the Invisible Dogs!!
Mike having a blast behind the drums
Michael Charles doing some soloing action
Then of course, there is John Michaels himself, doing it like only he knows how
What a wicked night for all of us a frieght train that can't be stopped...
I love having a wireless system to play with
Mike kicked all forms of butt on those drums
Me and MC making the crowd scream
NatureDevil goes up and gets an butt-kicking of a lifetime
We didn't advance, but Bugs Bunny was dressed like a Hooters server, so all is well
I am evil and menacing
We got a great reaction from the crowd, and that was all I wanted
Rich looks weird behind bright lime green drums, I like his sparkle blue ones better
We will get to the Double Door again, just not through these guys
Our new bassist Jim Fry makes his debut here at the Note
I love jumping in on the crowd
Speaking of jumping...
Laying on my back in the crowd with Jim above me on bass
It doesn't get much more ridiculous than this
Jay!!! Jay!!! Jay!!!
Jay: backup vocalist, soloist, sexy beast
Green is definitly not Rich's color
Man am I ugly to look at
Me trying to regain order on stage
Jay doing his end of the show lead guitar
...and I wonder why all my solos sound like trash