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NatureDevil performing at U.S. Beer Co. 4/14/07

And the night begins with Muttonchop Joyce
These are one of my favorite bands to play shows with
These photos show an awesome performance
This upcoming summer will be a much needed break for NatureDevil
We will still be doing shows, we'll just be taking more time to focus on the studio albums first
This was Andy's last show with NatureDevil since he began filling in back in January
There are plenty of other new clubs in the city of Chicago that we want to hit this year
I'd like to do more shows in Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, too
Maybe a record label will hear us and appreciate what we have done so far with ourselves
Having a record label can really take a lot of strain off of the band...
...but the work on the band end never stops...
...the only difference is you get a feeling of not being entirely alone out there when you are doing your thing
The greatest thing would be to get paid to do this around the country...
...or even get paid to do this around the world... have to love doing this, all of it, if you want to make it... that is what I believe anyway
Maybe one day I'll get to sing 'We're Big In Europe!' to a European crowd
Performing around the country and around the world would be a dream come true
Getting a decent record label to sign us is a tricky equation to work out
Tearing stages apart is what we do
Deep, emotional Jay, lost in a solo... or just lost
The guys from Chicago metal band Under the Sun came out to the show!
Lined up like little soldiers
Man, I got hungry in the middle of the set
Please don't ask about this
Great shot of Jay
I like playing the U.S. Beer Co.
I climbed up to hang out with Rich for a bit
It was a great last show for Andy to play with us
This is a kick butt duo band
...and I wonder why all my solos sound like trash
Lost Dog closed out the show
Watching Steve play the bass like a guitar is fun in itself