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NatureDevil performing at Rascal's 4/6/07

John Michaels opening up the long night at Rascal's
John promoted his CD while Mike and I rocked out
John is already plotting out his next album
Then there is Jay with Mike and I rocking out as well
Jay is also planning a second record
This should be a busy summer for both John and Jay (and thus, Mike and myself)
Which brings us to NatureDevil, the band who has yet to release a record
Rich on the drums
Chicago drummers fear the stomping sound of Rich and his double bass pedal
The NatureDevil record will most likely decide the fate of the band
Which begs the question... will there ever be a second NatureDevil record?
Aren't we getting a little ahead of ourselves?
First Elvis, then a leprechaun, and now Spiderman!?!?!?
This isn't a NatureDevil concert, it is a....
...well, I guess it is a NatureDevil concert after all
See that guy? That is Jim, the soon-to-be bass player player for NatureDevil
Andy has done an excellent job since January of getting us through thick and thin
Rare shot of the drummer when his arms are not in a blur
He's single too, ladies... look for Jim at future NatureDevil shows
Man am I ugly
Margaret celebrating her birthday by shoving Andy offstage and taking over the mic during Billy Idol
...and I wonder why all my solos sound like trash
Please someone take me off this stage...
Rascal's is always a favourite place of ours to play
Wait a minute... is Andy flipping us off?? Hey!!!
This is a pretty hardcore shot
...and thus, we conclude another chapter in a long line of NatureDevil shows