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NatureDevil performing at Bird's Nest 3/30/07

The show opened up with an acoustic set by Jake Goodman
Me and Jay on a tiny, tiny stage
These guys were a blues rock band called Match Factory
Rich had a little corner all to himself
Andy and Jay were practically in each other's laps
That must be me 'soloing' again
Look at that NatureDevil intensity
Small stages mean less jumping around
We still had a kick butt night at Bird's Nest
This will be one of Andy's last shows with us
Once we get a new bassist we can get to practicing and performing full time again
NatureDevil needs to be back to 100% before the end of the year
My pants were way to tight on me
Rich usually throws his drumset around the stage at the end of a show, but not tonight...
That looks painful
Just got my Ibinez repaired so I can break it again...
The lead singer from Match Factory sang a little Nirvana with us
...and I wonder why all my solos sound like trash
Jay completely checking out the babe from Match Factory
Excellent stuff played