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NatureDevil performing at Triton College 3/17/07

Yes, that is a giant screen behind me. Guess what song we were playing...
Rich pulled no punches on our debut night at Triton College
Excellent sound, excellent lighting and a great supporting staff made this one of the funnest shows we ever played
This guy called himself 'I Am' and played in between the bands that performed all night
There was Jay doing his best to help cover all the parts
Jarred also performed solo between musical acts throughout the night
This isn't the first time I've seen Rich and a giant butt in the same picture...
I lost my shoes at one point during the performance
...and I wonder why all my solos sound like trash
Technically, we didn't have a bassist that night, but this dude named Stan filled in for the night. This isn't a picture of Stan, it's still Jay, but I just thought I should tell you
What the heck was I doing? I hate looking at the pics the next morning cause I never remember this stuff
Pete. You madman, Pete. I love you.
I think I am somewhere on the floor behind the leprechaun is doing odd things to the giant rabbit... try telling that to your grandkids when they pull the photo album off the shelf
Look at those lights!!
All drummers look good with blurry arms
The guys from Delta Omega Pi did a great job putting together this production
I... I don't know why I posted this pic... I just... felt I should...
We won the award for 'best lead vocalist' which scares the heck out of me
There is that guy Stan who kinda saved our butts by standing in on bass
Jay ripped the crowd a new one during his solo in 'What the Heck?'
This is why I don't get the girls at the shows...