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NatureDevil performing at the Note 2/16/07

Here is Naturedevil at the Note! ...again...
Not that we don't like playing the Note...
Rich is a blur of light and eneregy behind the drum kit
Andy, wielding that thing like it's nobody's business
Cecilia needs to wear shorter skirts more often like this one...
Me, fat and raging mad
Cecilia is doing more and more vocals; so is Andy
I always do vocals, that is why we suck
The drums Rich played really clashed with his outfit
Hey, it's a decent shot of Jay
Emergenza is one of those neccessary evils sometimes... got us to the Double Door in '05
This is nice lighting
This is Andy being ridiculous
Here is that soloing thing I try pulling off
...yeah, I know...
During our set we... hey wait... is that a massive crowd?!?!
Dark evil shadows on stage
Jay soloing for the people on the side of the stage
Sometimes you forget Jay is onstage...
...whoa, it was a huge crowd...
Andy letting you know her is serious this time... and you can ALMOST see up Cecilia's skirt from here; better luck next time
...and I wonder why all my solos sound like trash
We played an excellent show, be it a 5 song set