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NatureDevil performing at Penny Road Pub 2/10/07

Feelium opened up the night at Penny Road Pub
I think tonight was the first night where we didn't have to trudge our gear through snow in over 2 weeks
I always love playing the basement of the PRP
One of these days we are going to play the upstairs
We know enough covers to play the upstairs, we just need to harass the right people
Andy is settling in nicely, but we still need that permanent edge
We need to put global positioning monitors on Rich's gear
Isn't that a cool shot?
I can almost always hear my vocals on stage here
Blurry drummer shots rock
Leggy red head on stage alert!
Andy has been singing more on stage
Mass confusion in the middle of songs is actually part of our routine
I am getting so fat on stage...
Andy and Cecilia look so cute having to share a microphone - the perks of having a NatureDevil budget I guess
This must have been during Nirvana
We get so excited on stage the cameras can't contain us!!
Go get 'em, Rich!
Cecilia's vocals add a lot to the droning sound of NatureDevil
Too bad we couldn't get the picture where I lifted up the back of her skirt with my guitar...
Blurry Jay shots
I love putting on a good show...
...although almost every show could use improvement here and there, but you work with what you got...
The soundguy personally said to us that he loves when we play
Jay's solos were in top gear that night
Do I really look like that on stage??
Do the NatureDevil shuffle
Of all the girls I dated...
...and I wonder why all my solos sound like trash...