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NatureDevil performing at Tiger O'Stylie's 2/2/07

This is Paperstreet, who is was preparing to go on a 2 week tour around the country
At some point, NatureDevil takes the stage
...and what a nice stage it was
We played in front of a huge crowd that night
I am so booking at Tiger O'Stylie's again
Probably the only cool place in all of Berwyn
The weather was below zero all night
Blurry action
Andy is picking up all the bass lines very nicely
As you can tell from this classy photo of Andy, he enjoys being on stage with NatureDevil
Rich moves so fast he is blurry to the naked eye
Had a bit of trouble hearing my vocals, but the new earplugs help balance that
Tiger O'Stylie's isn't that far out of the way either
It's a pretty rocking place for being just outside the city limits
Can't wait to play there when the weather isn't 20 below
Rich looks like a kid in a candy store
Members of IOD and the Promise Takers join us on stage
...and I wonder why all my solos sound like trash
Thuggin' and Buggin'
Contemplating how the rest of the songs goes
Alright, I need to lose weight....
The Ladies
NatureDevil in all our noise and glory
I love playing with the Promise Takers
They put on a great show and they don't hold back
...and who can complain about a band when they have a fog machine?!!? I mean, c'mon... they rock...