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NatureDevil performing at Rascal's 1/19/07

John Michaels and the Invisible Dogs make their Rascal's debut!
I am the current bassist for the Invisible Dogs
I look better with a bass than a guitar anyway
Eventually, Jay took the stage
Mike was a freaking ANIMAL!!!
...when combined, they unleash total chaos and havoc on the crowd...
Jay did a couple songs alone in the middle of the set
Oh yeah, Mike did a drum solo as well
And the crowd was loving it
I like to wander behind the drums once in a while
We got the lighters!! We got the lighters!!
And it will only get better as we keep going forward
At this point in the night, the show takes a turn for the weirder
I changed my shirt and was stil confused
Andy kicked butt on the bass and started doing more vocals
We have spent so much time in the studio that we felt a bit rusty
Stage presence is always number one
That is probably why I made so many mistakes that night
I am looking forward to playing Rascal's again
Rich buried in cymbals and drums
This one of my favorite places to do shows at
Our set of Nirvana songs went well, too
Once Andy learns more of the basslines, we will become even more unstoppable
But in the meantime we enjoy just casual butt-kicking
Cecilia joins us on stage
I like long lines of women lined up to watch NatureDevil
This guy is Ryan Gross, a bassist from loooong ago in EP
Rich carefully planning out each paradiddle
Ryan let his hair down and went nuts with us for our Nirvana set
Pete, you crazy man
Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis is kneeling on my groin...
...and I wonder why all my solos sound like trash...