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NatureDevil performing at Stage 83 1/12/07

Eventually, NatureDevil makes their way to the stage
Rich gets his own little throne for his drums to sit upon
And again we see Andy, NatureDevil bassist understudy
Jay and his acoustic
Andy gettin' jiggy wit it
This must be during 'Spam I Am'
Sometimes I wonder how we handle the large amount of shows we get
With all the troubles I come accross, NatureDevil still thrives
Oh, the gorgeous Soraya and Cecilia have joined us
I wonder what will happen when the day comes when I decide to let it all go
That day may come tomorrow, or it may never come at all
With girls like these on stage, I hope it doesn't come anytime soon
The guys from Baby and Hide sing Nirvana with us
I love a crowded stage
I feed off of the energy that eminates from others on stage
Doing the Nirvana songs is almost the highlight of every show
Bonding with other bands through Nirvana songs is such a great, unifying thing
Our originals aren't too shabby, either
I am glad we have such great friends and supporters on stage with us
We can do some amazing things together... especially after rehersal
Rich tearing up his drums and ripping them to pieces with little sticks of wood
Jay in a very dramatic lighting
'Insert comment about Cecilia's legs here'
And I wonder why all my solos sound like trash
Holy cats, it is the Promise Takers
They closed out the night with a load of originals and a few covers near the end
It is always fun playing with these guys