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NatureDevil performing at Memories 1/6/07

Playing bass for John Michaels!
John Michaels: A Legend in his Own Mind
John opened up the show just after Soraya, who I don't have many pics of unfortunately...sorry!!
Soraya played a short set, followed by John who played a full set with my on bass for a few songs
John's songs are really fun to play bass to
I enjoy playing bass for both Jay and John
After John, Jay took the stage front and center
Oh, that look in her eyes...
There is such a chemistry between Jay, Mike and myself that I really love
We start work on Jay's second record this spring
Can you feel it?!?! Can you feeeeeel it?!?!?!!?
Would you just look at this animal on the drums???!!
There was so much power in that set we did, I was blown away
Jay and myself have improved greatly since Mike started pounding the skins for us a few months back
Eventually, NatureDevil took the stage
We put on a great performance despite not having our usual bassist
Andy came through for us learning 8 of our songs in 3 hours!!
Just look at him! Does he look like the kind of guy who could master 8 songs in 3 hours??
Nobody in the crowd would have known that Andy wasn't our normal bassist...
...though he showed interest in the full time position
We steamrolled through our set on an intense night in an energy filled Memories
I have said it before, and I'll say it again....
...with as much stress and tension it adds to my life....
...I still love being on stage with an instrument
I love how I look when surrounded by beautiful, exotic females
Andy had a cheat sheet with him, but you wouldn't have guessed with the way he played
Jay crossing paths with Soraya during the solo
Soraya and Cecilia add so much to the stage, it just feels like a giant party when we play
And I wonder why all my solos sound like trash...
Just think of the wonderful view Rich gets to see from behind
The night closed out with a great set from the Velvet Cadillacs
Fresh from the studio, the raced over to the club to put on a show for us
They invited me back up onstage to sing a verse in a song of theirs
I haven't played a show this fun in a while
I felt so much better starting off the new year with this kind of a show
Soraya is truly outrageous! Truly, truly, truly outrageous!