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NatureDevil performing at Martyr's 1/3/07

NatureDevil making our debut at Martyr's
The sound was pretty good that night
Oh, and Brandon filled in for a busy Rich
Wednesday night shows suck
We do well at the weekend gigs, but who wants to come see us in the middle of the week?
We still performed well
The lighting gave us some awesome camera shots
Only thing wrong with the night was the unforseen drama
Drama is NOT allowed in NatureDevil
I was happy with the performance
Brandon remembered every song we played did Jay...
I like this photo
Arno's last show with NatureDevil
Brandon is always good for a last minute show when we need him
My solos suck even when I am standing
Look at that blurry stick!!
That glow from the lights was nice
That is what happens when I jump around like an idiot on stage
Wonder if they'll ever invite us back to Martyr's?
Either way, I had a blast from the moment we started till we finished
Everything else before and after was a pain
And I wonder why all my solos sound like trash...
Jay needs to fall on the ground more during our shows
I do my best guitar playing from the floor
It felt good playing with Brandon again
Man, am I ugly