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NatureDevil performing at Good Times 12/16/06

Opening Good Times were the Velvet Cadillacs, performing an unprecedented acoustic act
Now on a label, they are working on putting out an album
They invited me onstage to sing a verse I wrote for one of their songs; I am glad I book shows with these guys
On a completely different note, metal band Under the Sun took over the stage
As much as I love these guys, I really hate playing after them because they bring so much intensity (and talent) to the stage
Under the Sun did their thing, and then not only stuck around, but left their gong onstage for us to use later
Eventually, NatureDevil hit the stage to close out the whole night
Our original songs go over well, but the covers really hit home runs
I just loved the idea of playing on a stage that Local H played on a few months earlier
Someday we will get to open for Local H; I am working on it
Dan and Joe, the soundguys, did an excellent job of making us sound better than we could imagine
Good Times is one of the more well known suburban bars to check out bands
Nirvana, Billy Idol, the Cars... we do it all
And did I mention the kick butt stage lights??!
The sound guy Dan played with the lights throughout our set, and it was really added a lot to the show
It's only every so often we get to play on a stage as great as this one
Doing shows like this is why we do what we do
I managed to not break a string, either
Rich was on fire; literally
Can't wait to play Good Times again
This was a cool shot; I wish I wasn't so fat
Hmmm... I am on the floor and people are screaming around me... we must be playing 'Baker Street'
My favourite red head Cecilia' in a tight black dress; she joined us for the covers and a few originals
Even the blurry shots look wicked
Here we are doing our Nirvana with Mike from Under the Sun
Mike and Chris from Under the Sun came up to sing the Nirvana set with us
I don't remember doing this...
Mike and Cecilia, though vocal opposites, still add great diversity to the NatureDevil set
The covers are fun; we need to learn a whole new slew for 2007
Kicking butt and taking names
Holy cats it's Andy!!? And he is on a stage?!?!
And I wonder why all my solos sound like trash...
This shot really shows off how great the stage setup was
Cecilia is now singing along with us on our original songs, and she will join us in the studio this winter
I love my Ibinez
Andy and his beautiful wife Dorothy enjoying our rendition of 'Wench'
Holy cow, I think I see girls dancing at our show...
I was right! There were chicks dancing to NatureDevi!!!
Pete?? Pete?!?! What is he doing to the rabbit?!?!?!
Rich ripping the crowd a new one with his Ludwig
Come onstage and join me....
I wanted to grab a picture with Steve and Mr. John Michaels, who we've been doing plenty of shows with this year and next year