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NatureDevil performing at the Red Line Tap 12/3/06

Opening the night was Piano Reeves, a band I never saw but heard alot about through John Michaels
NatureDevil ruined everything that night at the Red Line Tap
I am going to book a few shows with Piano Reeves into the new year, they are very talented
We started off with Baker Street, thus, you see me leaping in the air
I messed up almost everything we played that night; stress will do that to you
There is a reason I like to have practices be consistent, otherwise we sound like we did at this show
Because it was so cold, and the bar was only so full, we canned most of our set
We ended up playing a lot of covers just to mess around
I seriously blew through every song like a train wreck
I jumped a few times, landed okay, I didn't break anything....
Oh yeah, Mike and Chris from Under the Sun were in the naighborhood and came by the show
Our stage presence was even off as we just had an off night
Rich has actually played here before in a previous band
I actually forgot how to play the intro to a song
What a weird, weird night
We have spent so much time in the studio that actually playing the songs together was strange for us
Studio work is great, and very important, but when you look like we did on stage...
...well, being good in the studio is as important as being good live...
...and being good live is important since we are putting out a live CD next year
I will say that the sound guy did a great job with our sound for the night
All the bands had great sound
This will be our second to last show of the busiest year so far for NatureDevil
Under the Sun and Piano Reeves joines us for our Nirvana PR moment of the night
2007 will be a busier year if I have anything to say about it
All the roads were solid ice and there is NO PARKING ANYWHERE near the Red Line Tap
If you live in Rogers Park, once you park your car you leave it there forever
Nirvana is always the best, most fun thing to do onstage with the other bands
I am a big, sweaty mess
This was Lost Dog; I caught about 4 of their songs that night, and not in order, due to parking issues in Rogers Park
They are a powerful duo who pack a major punch for being only two guys