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NatureDevil performing at the Klinic in Madison, WI, 11/24/06

NatureDevil making our out-of-state debut in Madison!!
Playing this far out from Chicago can be fun
We liked Madison, but I am not sure just how excited we are to go back anytime soon
We actually walked into a bar at 7am that had a XXX movie on the TV's and served breakfast the next morning
The city was great and the bar was great... but not everything was great that night
If you are an astute NatureDevil fan, you know what is lacking from this page...
The Klinic had a whole loft upstairs for out-of-town bands to crash in
So we crashed upstairs in this grimy apartment for the night after the show
The Klinic was very hospitable
Syncronized shredding
I am not sure how well our music was accepted in Madison
I was afraid we would sound too weird, and we did, but we still kicked butt and got cheers
We are not afraid to perform in front of any crowd
We will be back in Madison in several months
Can't wait to start playing more out of state gigs
Our sound was excellent that night
Cecilia came all the way out to Wisconsin with us to share her vocals and good looks with the crowd
All of our guitars were heard perfectly
I love a good mix in the crowd and on stage
Cecilia really helps us look good on stage; she adds some class and talent to the band
Arno's bass was intense the whole night through
Sometimes, on stage, I wonder where I am and how the heck I got there
I can't wait to start using my Line 6 at the shows again
Cecilia will be appearing at more shows in the future, which is good for everyone
Entertaining the crowd is what we do
And I wonder why all my solos sound like trash