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NatureDevil performing at the Elbo Room, 11/15/06

Opening up the Elbo Room show was the Philidelphia band Soraia
Soraia was a really tough band to have to play after because they were so tight as a group
Maybe sometime we'll get to open up for them in their hometown
And now, to destroy all monitors and eardrums, NatureDevil
The sound guy Drew did an excellent job; I was able to hear myself perfectly
Rich enjoying our Elbo Room debut
Jay looking kinda blurry
Jay not looking as blurry as in the last photo
Me and my Bruce Lee shirt
And I wonder why all my solos sound like trash
Jay sounded really good that night
Maybe if I spent more time focusing on my guitar playing and less time on the floor I would sound halfway decent
Playing covers at our shows really helps out a lot
We originally never wanted to do covers, but we have since grown to appreciate it
Playing good covers can completely change the direction of a night
Some nights get going once we play Billy Idol or Nirvana
Our original songs are really starting to take off, too
Someday, other bands will be covering NatureDevil at their shows...
I wouldn't mind playing the Elbo Room again, especially on a weekend when you can actually get people to come out
We won over a lot of the crowd upstairs with the covers and our originals
Rare shot of Rich
Arno and I are starting to get into a routine for photo taking
And nobody wore white, which means all the photos came out nice!
Ahhh... what it feels like to have nice colored lights on your face
Arno and his red strings show up nicely
Everyone pointed at Rich at the exact same moment... we've never done that before...
Cecilia came to the show, and she graced the stage with her beautiful red headed presence
I try to make it a point at every show to now mention our Q101 moment in between songs
Cecilia has such a wonderful figure
This is the part where we do Nirvana with Soraia!!!
Cecilia did some Nirvana with us also
Everyone in Soraia came onstage and joined us for a few Nirvana songs
I love a crowded stage full of musicians
We were all very loud
NatureDevil has made huge gains this year, 2006
Nirvana covers bring people together, and that is what it is all really about now, isn't it?
Arno and myself looking sexy
...and things can only get better as we keep playing out and improving our sound...
I was very proud of our performance