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NatureDevil performing at Penny Road Pub, 11/11/06

Enter the three amigos at Penny Road Pub
Rich gets his own monitor and stage for himself
And I wonder why all my solos sound like trash
I am hoping to get us in the upstairs lounge at Penny Road Pub eventually
We played on WLUW to help promote the show a bit
The sound at this place is the best sound within 50 miles of the city
I still can't believe how badly I messed up Billy Idol
Jay does his soloing thing
The lights make our gear look expensive
I have seen Local H play at the Penny Road many times
I like booking shows here
This must be during Baker Street
I have also managed to not break a string all weekend long in oru gigs
By not breaking strings, that means I don't have to play that lousy backup guitar I have with me
Man, we need to work on our posture...
Cecilia and her legs joined us for a few songs
The girls can sing some fierce Nirvana
I really have no clue what the heck he is doing back there during any show
My Ibinez is always there for me
Arno doing the backup vocals thing
Directly above Arno's head is another band playing another show to another crowd...
Rich was nice enough to loan out his drums to Symptom who played after we did
This is Rough Trade, a band I once new by another name who kicked butt
Rough Trade had some real intensity; I hadn't heard anything that powerful and yet unique in a while
Symptom borrowed most of our equipment for the night, but they still put forth one heck of a performance
I am starting to recognize some of their songs from the past shows we've done together