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NatureDevil performing at Rascal's, 11/10/06

NatureDevil makes their debut at Rascal's!!
We played for over three hours
Three straight hours of original music and covers, which go over great with the crowd
Jay soloing with his foot up on the monitor
I love playing when we have our own soundboard
Mr. John Michaels did a top notch job of running our sound
We'll be playing at Rascal's a lot more often
We need to break out the black outfits and red silk ties more often
This is an awesome photo of black and red
And I wonder why all my solos sound like trash...
Roaming about the stage
I can't solo well, but I can sure make it look like I can!
Rich, wondering why the band stopped playing and walked over to the bar in the middle of a song
I think Arno's tie is in his front pocket
I need a bright red guitar to match my tie
Why do I always look like I am recovering from a cold onstage?
As our set goes on, our clothes slowly make their way off our bodies
Soraya waits in the background for her chance to kill the leggy redhead and take the stage for herself!! (dum dum dum!!)
I honestly don't think I play that chord in any song we do
Cecilia sang some Nirvana with me
She'll have this shot up on her MySpace page by tonight...
Arno wants to know where the hell his birthday cake is
I am upset because I couldn't have any cake till the end of the night when there was no more singing required
See!!?? You can see it in their eyes; they HATE each other!!!!
Andy!!! Andy ran our sound for our third set, and did a kick butt job of doing so
Yeah, there is a guy on the window ledge outside...
I knew Soraya couldn't resist the temptation to jump up and sing with us
What is Arno so happy about? Oh wait, it was his birthday that night! There was chocolate cake!!
There was some off-camera tickling while Jay sang
The end of our show - don't tell Cecilia this but I could see up her dress from here...