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NatureDevil performing at Wings N' Things, 11/3/06

Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Mr. John Michaels
John opened up the show with his usual style and performance
Doing mostly originals, he was pimping songs off of his album...
...though I believe he did play a Pink Floyd song
We'll be doing a lot of shows with John well into next year
Oh, and did I mention he did one hell of a job working the soundboard for NatureDevil?
Good friend Bob celebrated his birthday with us; too bad we suck and don't know how to play the happy birthday song that Paul McCartney owns
Here we are soundchecking our set with Bloodhound Gang
We debuted some more Nirvana, which I completely forgot the lyrics to
Arno had a good night
I felt sick halfway through the set, but battled my way through it
I tried to keep my head down and take deep breaths in between singing
The crowd in between sets
Rich with Roosevelt Rd. behind him
Man, did I feel like crap that night... glad I pulled it off though
Our Billy Idol medley seems to attract a lot of attention
Our cover choices are getting much more diverse and much more ridiculous
Jay had a good night as well
My Ibinez worked great all night, meaning I didn't have to use that lousy Carvin
Doing these shows is great; Wings N' Things is a great place
The burgers there were good, and everyone seemed to get their hands on a buffalo wing or two
Rich looking peeved because I kicked his drums
Holy cow, I look like that when I sing??
Making the chairs in the room vibrate is Arno on the bass
Rich, never one to miss an opportunity to make a goofy face at the camera
Cecilia is getting more gutsy everytime she takes the stage with us
Rich and his Ludwigs of doom
And I wonder why all my solos sound like trash...
We had control over our own PA for the night
Having your own PA means you can actually sound pretty good, which all the bands that night did
Andy and his gorgeous wife Dorothy; Andy and I had a business meeting that night right before we hit the stage
Me with Cecilia and Anne, a girl I haven't seen since high school; she had really pointy shoes that could take out someones eye!
Counterclockwise from the bottom we have Rich, Margaret, Jen, Steve, Bob and James
Some of the guys from the Velvet Cadillacs singing Nirvana with us
One of the things that stinks is I can't remember any of the other band members names other than the guy I usually talk to; this is the bassist dude
Here is the Velvet Cadillacs drummer, another guy whose name I can't remember for the life of me right now
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Velvet Cadillacs!!
I almost always have at least one show booked with these guys at all times; they invited me to come up and sing with them at their next show!!
I know I can always count on these guys to put on a great show; it's all about the consistency!!!!