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NatureDevil performing acoustic at MoJoe's 10/28/06

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. John Michaels!!
John is out and about promoting himself all over the city of Chicago
His album 'Legend In His Own Mind' is getting great reviews here, and overseas!
John will be playing more shows with us, including the electric ones
He invited Jay and myself onstage for some backups
Check out John at his site
NatureDevil takes the stage going acoustic like you have never seen before
Rich, out of nowhere, showed up dressed like a husky John Glenn
Halloween was right around the corner...
Jay wore that silly hockey mask again
The bongos sounded better than we originally thought
Of course I still played my Ibinez... someday I'll buy a nice acoustic for myself
Isn't Arno just the cutest thing?
Taking a good photo shoot and turning it on its head is Jason Kluss
I can't believe we rocked out that acoustic cafe show like we did
We may do more acoustic shows in the future, but none more than an hour
This acoustic show took a lot out of me, vocally
Arno all smiles
Yes, that is the bathroom door you are seeing behind Arno
Playing acoustic was a test for us to see how we could handle having our songs stripped down to the bare minimum
If Nirvana, Alice In Chains and Stone Temple Pilots could do it...
Look, it's Ziggy Stardust again
Closing out our first acoustic show
Sorry, I was distracted...