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NatureDevil performing at Tonik 10/27/06

Opening up the show at Tonik on Halloween weekend
We decided to dress up a bit; get points for effort
Tonik is always a great place to play in Franklin Park
We opened up our set with an unprecedented piano solo by Arno, creeping into the Halloween theme
And I wonder why all my solos sound like shit
The females at our shows are always top notch
What the hell is Rich wearing on his head?
Alcatraz is a place Arno could wind up if he doesn't watch it...
Rare shot of Rich without the mask or the blood
We actually played a few Billy Idol covers, which we have never done before
Rich loves Billy Idol
We would have done more of a Halloween show if I hadn't been so friggin' busy the whole week
I see a red head somewhere there in the background...
Ah! The blood makes an appearance!!
After snacking on a beautiful damsel, it is time to put on a show!!
I couldn't look at Jay and not laugh during the show
Rich got blood all over his drums
Our Nirvana set where the guys from the Gornys and the Dynamos came up and sang with us
Wipe that grin off of your face, Arno!
This is kind of what the stage looked like throughout the night
A few more ugly profile shots of us
Arno tearing up the strings on the bass
The Gornys performed after us; they are a band you can always count on to put forth a great performance