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NatureDevil performing on Fearless Radio 10/19/06

We arrived at Fearless Radio about 10 seconds before we were to go live
Didn't have much of a sound check, but I guess that is our own fault for being late
Rich made his debut with the bongos
Rich, Arno and Jay displaying our chaotic sense of setting up
This was our first, but not last, time playing acoustic
Arno not wanting to answer questions
Rocco, the host, interviewed us on everything from Chicago touring to Flava Flav
We did two originals and... yeah... we did a Nirvana song...
NatureDevil with Rocco and Chris outside the studio; the girl Nikki who took the photo was HOT!!!
It was an interesting setup
Try parking downtown, running with your gear, and then rushing through your tuning right before you play live
Rich plays the bongos so fast it looks like a blur