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NatureDevil performing at the U.S. Beer Co. 10/20/06

Opening up the show were the always entertaining Velvet Cadillacs
For no reason at all, here's a guy playing Pac Man at the bar
The Velvet Cadillacs are a solid group of guys who know how to put on a good show
Here we are making sure our gear is working
We have many more shows planned with the Cadillacs
NatureDevil, bursting onto the stage
I think we broke a record for most mistakes made during a show
I must be playing Baker Street if I am on the floor and trying to solo
The guys from Under the Sun are so cool
Big, sweaty, stinky Rich behind the Ludwig
Oh, how I love the smell of beer on the floor
U. S. Beer Co. is a great place to jam out
It was a pretty rough week
Luckily, we all pulled through the tough week and made it through to the weekend and this show
Even Rich was getting pummeled at work all week long
Jay was pretty relaxed - he never has problems
Do I see... people in the crowd?!?!
Man am I ugly
Rich always looks sexy behind the drums
A rare shot of Arno from the show
Putting anger and stress to good use
And I wonder why all my solos sound like trash...
I like a nice big stage to jump around on
Lots of room on stage means I will be very happy
This is what I miss seeing when I am onstage
Mike from Under the Sun, who tore the roof off of the building
A blurry shot of me and Jay
Chris and his massive gong
NatureDevil doing Nirvana with... I don't even know half of those people...
I hate it when I forget people's names...
Under the Sun always puts on a good, solid show no matter where we play
I can't remember this guy's name either...
All I can say is: intense
Now we meet the closing band; the Promise Takers!
Fog machines and lights don't mean a thing, these guys could play!
They played a bunch of originals and closed out with a Neil Young cover
We will be doing more shows with the Promise Takers in the near future
This is Dave, the brain behind our recording
Overall, the show and the bands were worked really well together