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NatureDevil performing at Brisku's 10/14/06

Muttonchop Joyce needs to play out more
These guys have such a great sound
I really need to get Muttonchop Joyce to sign up for more shows
Symptom made a great impression opening up the show
Ewghgh, I am ugly
We already have more shows planned with Symptom, who blew us away at Brisku's
We played a fierce set that Saturday night
I love my Ibinez, too bad I broke a string and had to use the Carvin
Arno boomed out of his Hartke
Rich beating his Ludwig kit to death
What's a matter Arno? Actually quite a lot...
I was sweating by the third song
Look at that... look at that sweat soaked shirt...
Arno suggested I try dressing 'nice for a change' whatever that means...
Rich always dresses like Rich
And I wonder why all my solos sound like... what the heck am I doing?
Jay was heard very well due to Mike, the sound guy, who did an excellent job
During the covers we did, I broke my D string on my Ibinez
Thus, I had to play the Carvin, which is a very nice shade of blue, though everything else stinks
The Carvin made the last few songs a pain to get through due to its terrible sound and tone
Rich hated the Carvin
Our new covers are coming out very nicely
I look ridiculous dressed in nice, expensive clothes
I prefer dressing like a normally do; like a homless person
Here are the guitarists from Muttonchop Joyce and Symptom, who sang with us on the Nirvana songs
Angry, angry Rich
I love jumping around with other peoples' expensive guitars
Too bad the guitar sucked; I really like how the blue matches my shirt and my eyes
Playing on stage and entertaining a crowd is why we do what we do
Arno singing along with Blur 'Song#2'
Rocking out on the north side of Chicago
When the hell did he do this? I have Popeye for a drummer...
Rich is going to kill that bunny
This must have been taken during 'Baker Street'
Glenn from Symptom abusing my bunny while we all sang Nirvana
Nirvana covers; how bands develop relationships
Finishing up a great night with Nirvana
Us with some of Muttonchop Joyce's fans and... what the hell...?
After the show with the guys from Symptom