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NatureDevil performing at Memories 10/7/06

Soraya, making her debut at a NatureDevil show
Of course, I had to join her for some Local H action
Isn't she beautiful, folks?
Jason Kluss and the Gentlemen Callers
Jay is gearing up for his second album
Meet Mike Sabia, ready to pound his beats into your head with those wicked sticks of his
Jay and Mike work together very well
Once he gets started, his hands are a blur of light
I love playing the bass, and I do miss it...
Eventually, NatureDevil took the stage... and everyone left
Jay and I both had double duty that night
Rich pounding away on his Ludwig
We debuted several new songs that night
We played a few covers as well
Most importantly, we had a blast
Me and my stupid grin during 'Abrasion'
Trying to solo
Whoa... are those... girls in the crowd...?
Everytime I ask Rich for a four count, he gives me this look
Memories is always a great place to play
Here I am doing my best imitation of a good guitar player
Luckily, with Jay and Arno, my back is always covered what the heck is Jay doing?
One of these days I am going to hurt myself
Arno with his new red strings on his Ibinez
Soraya and Cecilia joined us onstage for a few songs
I tried to play the Carvin that day, but I like my Ibinez so much more
They only seem to get along on stage
Rich pumping the crowd full of beats
Jay doing his thing
If it wasn't for performances like this, what the hell would I do with myself?
Cecilia is so cute...
The blue in his drums matches the blue in my eyes
Cecilia and Soraya sharing a mic
There is my chocolate bunny, always at our shows
They are both so gorgeous and yet so very different, each exotic in their own way
I like this picture
Arno, ruining a perfectly good picture of the sexy divas in action
There were no major malfunctions at all that night
The best pictures of me are when something hides my ugly mug
Soraya, wondering what the heck she got herself into on that Saturday night
Yes, there was a fairly big crowd
The stage at Memories turned into Union Station with all the people on it
Arno and Mike doing what they do at the end of our set
Just who the heck do I think I am anyway?
Soraya, Cecilia and my handcuffs...
And I wonder why all my solos sound like trash...
I thought I would try to pick up some chicks at the bar, but when they started picking up me...
Two cute red heads...
An interactive crowd is what makes the shows worth doing for all of us