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NatureDevil performing at Bar Vertigo 9/16/06

This is Feelium, the opening band at Bar Vertigo
Me with my Ibinez; the Carvin is okay, but the Ibinez is king
At a last minute call, Feelium came out to save the day
See that nice, shiny new custom made Carvin guitar??? Mwah ha ha ha!!
Bar Vertigo is always cool with the way I run shows
After a three week break, Rich just wanted to shred his drumset to sawdust that night
I was playing a guitar I am not used to through an amp I borrowed that morning....
...someday when I get my taxes paid I am getting all that equipment I need
Then, no more borrowing gear from people
Three weeks was too long for us to go without playing a show
We debuted some new material tonight including a brand new song titled 'I Think I Was Born Depressed'
Singing Nirvana with Under the Sun
And I wonder why all my solos sound like trash
Arno dressed in his 'I just got out of work and barely made it here' clothes
Rocking out through technical issues big and small
Rich is such a cutiepie
There was almost 30 people watching our set
Under the Sun ripped up the stage from beginging to end of their set
They don't hold back much when performing
This is Chris, the Under the Sun drummer, who brings a gong with to the shows as part of his kit