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NatureDevil was nominated on 9/11/06 for the Q101 local band mailroom competition. All week, we passed out flyers and played open mics at Sean's Rhino, Gilhooley's, and The 46 Zone.

We played acoustic at Gilhooley's on the south side
In an attempt to pass out flyers and get as many votes as possible, we played acoustic, without Rich
Rich is the backbone of NatureDevil, this was a first for us
We were described that night as 'molesting the stage'
I thought it went well and we made some great new friends
Maybe we'll hit Gilhooley's again soon
After Gilhooley's, we ran over to Sean's Rhino, another south side bar
Sean's Rhino had a kick butt jam band doing their thing; they let us sit in for a few songs
Local guy Mike sat in for us since Rich was not around
We garnered much attention and votes from doing this
They loved the Nirvana we did as well
I need to remember this place
Here we are at the 46 Zone, way out in Bolingbrook
This open mic is hosted by none other than Michael Charles
We had a fun time, and we had Rich with us
There was a decent sized crowd that night, and we hit them all up for votes on
You never really miss Rich till you have to play when he isn't there
Michael let me play out of his Marshall tube amp, something I rarely ever get to play out of
We appreciate Q101 giving us the opportunity to be considered for airplay
The Q101 competition motivated us to go out and do all this
Everything this week was all last minute in order to get votes
Last minute stuff seems to be the most stressful and the most fun
And I wonder why all my solos sound like trash
This is my good friend John Michaels, playing with his full band
John recently completed his first full length album, 'A Legend in His Own Mind'
Check him out at his website
Arno and Ai-Thuy Do - you know how many web searches people do on her... makes you wonder why...