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NatureDevil performing at Big Horse 8/24/06

Oh, how fun it is to be back at the good ol' Big Horse Lounge
We've played so many shows lately I am glad we have a break coming up
What am I trying to do, solo?
These messy photos always please me
I wonder if Rich actually sees the camera every time he does this
NatureDevil, in all their glory
Arno, dressed as if he had just arrived from work... which he had...
Why is Jay weraing that hat?
Wow, I am getting fat
I look better here
And I wonder why all my solos sound like trash
Rich's cymbal fetish in full bloom
Here is Feelium, who played after we did at the Big Horse
One of the more agressive shots of Rich
Arno playing Metallica in between songs
It looked more vicious in motion
This was Feelium, and we'll probably play some shows with them again