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NatureDevil performing at Silvie's 8/17/06

This is me trying to look cool
One of my ex girlfriends came to this show, so of course the nervous twitching started early on
Tuned strings and chord structure? Bah! This is NatureDevil!!
More of the Muse and her camera fun
Arno sucked at bass but his ghost was pretty good
Oh man, does Rich HATE it when he can't hear anything in the monitors
I make up for my bad guitar playing with terrible acts of gymnastics
Singing Nirvana with the crowd
This is Soraya, and she is incredibly beautiful
Soraya came up and sang the Cars with us, making this her first ever live stage performance
She did a great job; hopefully she'll come on stage more often from now on
Jay rejoins us after Nirvana
Oh Soraya, I could spend hours with those legs...
Rich beating the skins out of his Ludwig set
He has a cymbal fetish, which gets kinda hairy on small stages
My ghost is a much better singer than I am
Jay's guitar playing was excellent and his solos kick butt as always
Arno sounded great as well...and I know he can't wait to start using that new wireless system he got
Rich could barely hear any of us, but he still plowed through the set
I love these photos, we look cool
This looks painful, yet I see at least one photo of me like this at every show we do
And I wonder why all my solos sound like trash
What the heck is he looking at? This has something to do with the Hooters girl in the crowd, doesn't it....
NatureDevil came up third that night, but the place cleared out after the second band which happens a lot