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NatureDevil performing at the Penny Road Pub 8/11/06

Lost Dog opened the underground at Penny Road Pub
This was Under the Sun, and they exploded on stage throughout the night
Hopefully we'll do some shows with these guys again in the future
Jay and myself getting our act together
This two piece band held their own at the Pub and got a great reaction from the crowd
Rich left no cymbal behind
The sound crew did a fantastic job all night
Jay broke a string, so we called up the other bands to sing Nirvana with us
Singing Nirvana was fun, but also a good way for Jay to get himself squared away
I wish I could remember these guys' names, but did an awesome job with 'Breed' and 'Territorial Pissings'
Even the Under the Sun drummer chipped in on Nirvana
We did more covers than we originally intended to that night, but all turned out well
We did some Green Day for the crowd, too
Arno showing some love to the microphone
One of the best traits of Rich is that he never holds back
Here's Jay right before his string popped
And I wonder why all my solos sound like trash
If I wasn't so fat I might look sexy in this photo
Jay had no useable guitar but sang anyways where we needed him
Everytime I turned to look behind me, all I saw was a blur of arms and cymbals
Everytime I look to my left, I see a blur of fingers and strings
I want to play Penny Road Pub again soon
We had a decent crowd that night, and a bunch of cute women all over the place
You see that Gibson? That belonged to the guitarist of Under the Sun who was incredibly awesome enough to let Jay use it for the last few songs, which totally saved our set.
These accidental photos are always my favorite
A rare shot of Arno and his baby brown eyes
Hey, did you know Vanilla Ice is playing that venue a month from us?
A trio of noise
Jenny and Josh, newlyweds who had fun at our show
One last epic photo