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NatureDevil performing at the U.S. Beer Co. 8/5/06.

The show opened up with the Gornys, who did a kick butt job of setting the stage for the rest of the night
We'll be doing shows with the Gornys again in the future
First Round Failure came back from Rockford to put on a show for us
We've played with First Round Failure before, and I was excited to play with them again
Making sure I am in tune before we start
Unleashing our noise upon the crowd
Jay singing his head off
Perfect backup vocalists
Brandon performing that night sitting in for Rich, who was at a wedding - no no! It wasn't HIS wedding...
Brandon, remembering every beat, carried us through the set and beyond
Jay taking a solo
The U.S. Beer Co. is a pretty cool place to play
Look out, someone is trying to kill me!!!
I love when the crowd gets into it
Oh yeah, I hadn't worn my teddy bear pants in over a year, so I wore them to both shows this weekend
It's a comforting feeling to know I have good backup vocalists behind me throughout our shows
Me pretending to solo again
Brandon smiled a lot that night
I love when the camera messes up and leaves us with these cool shots
We invited everyone onstage to sing Nirvana with us
While soloing on the floor, I caught some really great views...
I invited everyone up to sing 'Breed' with us since I was out of breath and could barely do the song myself by that point
Jay not playing Nirvana
The stage was crowded with everyone gathering around the only 2 available microphones
Overall it was a really good show
Jay and Arno kick butt as always
We haven't played with Brandon in almost 4 months
What's Arno's problem?
The incredibly hot bartender Rocky
And I wonder why all my solos sound like trash
Arno chilling out as our set comes to a close
After meeting with them the previous night, the Atomic Thunderlizards put forth a great show depite having a sit in drummer...kind of like us that night
We'll be doing more shows with the Atomic Thunderlizards as well
HeadRush closed out the late night with Ronnie, owner of Ronnies House of Rock in Wooddale, puling off some good soloing
All three guys in HeadRush enjoyed their set and despite being so late, put forth all their energy into kicking ass