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NatureDevil performing at Tonik 8/4/06.

I love playing Tonik; Mike Hoyne does a great job of sound and the locals always rock
I love these effects when the flash doesn't go off
The crowd was so electrifying that Rich needed shades
I love having space in stage to run around
Jay sounded great now that his guitar worked this time
Rich taking a quick breather between beats
Our set was fairly decent, and we played exceptionally well that night
We covered Gerry Rafferty and Bloodhound Gang, of all things
Jay's solos were excellent too
We need to have parties like this more often
Rich taking out his aggression on the drum kit
Arno and his Ibinez taking control of the situation
Rich in a hazy shade of blue
Next time we play here, we're gonna do a lot more covers
And I wonder why all my solos sound like trash
The Muse got lots of good shots of Jay that night....
...and this goofy picture of Arno grinning like a cat in the cream
Synchronized guitar playing
Can't wait to play Tonik again
I was so nervous playing this show because of all the people in the crowd who I hadn't seen in years.... I never get nervous at shows!!
Me with Barbara Holleck, John Michaels, and Steve; John's album 'Legend In His Own Mind' is set for a release later this year
This is Jenny, a girl I had a crush on in 6th grade; and I showed it by harassing her and pulling her hair and bothering her everyday in class because that is how 6th grade boys show their affection
Her beauty kept distracting me during the show and I kept forgetting the lyrics; I was really glad she came to the show as I hadn't seen her in years
Ever loyal NatureDevil fan Jill and her boyfriend Danny, who made it late to the show, but I love them anyway