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NatureDevil performing at Silvie's 7/19/06.

These guys, on tour from Detroit, were called 40 Lashes
Arno was being assulted by Bugs Bunny, and the Muse caught a picture of it
Oh yeah, we played a show that night as well
And I wonder why all my solos sound like trash
Wow, that's a pretty good shot of us
Me getting up off the floor after doing who the heck knows what...
Because we were last, we had extra time to play, so we did some Nirvana covers
Rich's cymbals dominated much of the already closet-sized stage
I love my Ibinez
One of the bad things about small stages is being so cramped means we all have to smell each other
Jay had to 'distract the crowd' several times while I tuned
And of course, we ended the night with a smashing rendition of Jay's song 'What the Heck?'
Small clubs are fun, and we will be playing at Silvies again soon
When the heck did the Muse have time to grab a photo of Rich when we weren't completely blocking him?
What the heck is that on my knees?
Unstoppable behemoth on the drums
Us with Silas Assigned
No shots of me trashing my stuff at the end of this show, sorry!
The gorgeous Soraya and her beautiful cousin from Princeton, Lauren
Fedra taunting the camera
I love Soraya, she comes to so many of our shows and supports us so much