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NatureDevil performing at Legends 7/14/06.

Holy heck, am I ugly
Circle of Fate played earlier that night
Rich was in the mood to beat stuff
Jay was annoyed too
We waited 4 hours to play half a set
Rich took his anger out on those poor drumheads
The stage lighting was cool
The Muse got backstage and took some pretty cool shots
That's my good side
After a few drinks, Arno wasn't as annoyed as the rest of us were
And I wonder why all my solos sound like trash
Jay is actually playing Legends tomorrow night with his band
The sound was pretty good throughout the night
When the opening band showed up with enough blinking lights and processors onstage you'd of thought you were on the bridge of the starship Enterprise - we keep it simple and just rock
I was very proud of our show, as short as it was
Arno in red
Jay in red
Me in red
I didn't end up on the floor as much as I usually do
Overall it was a good performance