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NatureDevil performing at Cal's Liquors 7/6/06.

Here I go, messing up our first song
Cal's Liquors is a fun place to play if you like that cramped living room kinda thing
Arno kicking butt with the bass
Jay and Rich at Cal's
This was our first time playing down in the loop
Our performance was surprisingly good since our rehersals have been hectic as of late
I love my Ibinez
I know I can't solo so I cover it up with this craziness
Arno in the red glow
Never seen Jay rock out so much at a show
Rich had a bad day that day - it showed in his drumming of fury that night
More blurry guitar angst
There were many good shots of Jay from this show
We got requests for Nirvana so we had to deliver
We always try to deliver a good show
I don't know where this red glow came from
Rich looks cool in the red glow
Very vicious drumming
Me and the chocolate bunny gettin' it on
Jay was feeling the love too
And I wonder why all my solos sound like trash