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NatureDevil performing at Champs Rock Room 5/26/06.

We didn't get started till really late, so our set was really short - only six songs
But, they were 6 butt-kicking sexy sounding songs that we picked
Actually, we completely messed up the first two songs - I kept dropping my damn pic from being so tired
The stage was great and the soundman did a spectacular job for everyone that night
Me making an ass of myself
The colors in the background kept making me think I was trapped in a screensaver on a computer in a cubicle somewhere
The Muse loves to grab the blurry action shots
I should probably take the time to thank my friend Andy for being cool enough to let me use his Carvin tube amp while my Line 6 was in the shop - thanks Andy
Even my vocals sounded halfway decent that night
I don't know what Rich was doing; I don't think he knew what he was doing either
Arno singing backup
Our set that night was short; we did 'We're Big In Europe,' 'Wicked,' 'Spam I Am,' 'Baker Street,' 'Ellyse, Please, Put Down the Phone,' and 'What the Heck?'
Rich's debut with NatureDevil - he messed up everything, but because he is a professional YOU couldn't tell
We had fun that night despite our 12 o'clock slot starting at twenty after 1am
Arno caught in a unique glow onstage caused by another camera flash
And I wonder why all my solos sound like trash
The blur alone says that whatever I was doing was cool
The new camera the Muse used on us shot things a little differently
NatureDevil, doing our thing at the end of our set
Meet Rich Petraski, new drummer for NatureDevil...this is the best photo we have of him
Chelsea, Mellisa and Katie (I remembered); three girls who were probably all dating members from First Round Failure, but they were still gorgeous and I wanted a picture with them
Jay and his woman
We'll be playing with First Round Failure again real soon
Harassing the girls is what we do best